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Monday, January 7, 2013

~2012~ review...
well hello lovey
i thought i would use this post to 
share with you all things i made over the year that i 
just didn't have the chance to blog about...

  i really wish i was better about keeping up with my blog and videos!
my new goal for 2013 is to try and put blogging and videos on my list of things to do 
at least once a week! 
hugs Kimmie 

HELLO 2013!!! GOODBY 2012!!!

 Hello all my lovely Blogers & Followers,
this isnt so much a crafty post but i want to share it with all you lovely faces!!!
well as this year begins in my house it seems to be moving kinda slow but steady for me and my family....
a lot has happened for me since my last post and well gee golly the joy is almost unbearable to not shout it to the world... in October of 2012 we were told by this amazing non profit organization who's sole reason for existing  is to help and give thanks to wounded combat veterans... a lot of my friends and followers know my husband was critically wounded in Iraq in 2009 it has been a very hard and long journey for us so with that being said it has made the announcement even more exciting this organization military warrior support foundation told me and my husband they want to give yes GIVE us a house a beautiful 5 bedroom house with adaptive devices to help my husband get the most out of life!!! I guess you cant imagine the feelings and emotions we went threw in the matter of minutes of that phone call :-) my husband cried the happiest tears and smiled so proudly and he has hope for the future again.... i couldn't breath i felt this weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders... I now know that things are only going to get better for my family things can only keep getting better..... the day i watched my husband walk off the medivac shuttle i knew i was blessed after thinking the beautiful man i married was dead for several hours to finding out he was alive but seriously injured but coming home very much alive!!!!!!!!!!! that day was the beginning of our new life together now a home of our own finally getting out of this perpetual renter cycle a bright future for our little boy and a place that my husband can be as mobile as he wants to be and a home to call our own............ the best gift we could have ever been given!!!
our beautiful new home!!
a couple more weeks and we get to move in!!!