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Friday, March 16, 2012

Copic & Spectrum Noir storage

This box is meant to hang on the wall or sit on the desk
I'm not sure what place i will put it yet!
This storage box is made out of extra thick chip board!
It took a lot of thought measuring and planning to get it just
right i wanted room to add to my collection
and a way to store each color in a color family !
I'm thinking i will make another one so i can separate my colors better
and maybe a entirely new set just for my copics to have a home of there own!
an I'm thinking of making a shelf to hold my distress inks also I'm not sure yet!

tutorial  & pictures to come!


  1. Love this idea and I can image the to e and measuring involved, something I'm not good at!:) can't wait for tutorial! I would love to make 2 of these for all my copics and inks! Thanks for the eye candy!!!!

  2. cool idea! i'm starting to get enough copics that i am thinking about storage, too. i may have to borrow your idea :)