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Friday, March 9, 2012

National Craft Month Goal!!!

I have really been thinking about this and every year goes by and sale's happen giveaway go on and its sooooo much fun! but with that being said i get wrapped up on getting my hands on them new must have yummys that just came out from CHA and then the giveaways trying to get entered and i loose the crafter in me with all this frenzy going on in my head lol....  so to day the 9th of march 2012 i vow on my craft table lol that i will try and at least make 10 of my own embellies for project this month lol. so there you have it my thought for the day i woke up this morning thinking to my self as i wait on packages to arrive today .... what happened to the crafting part of being a crafter?  please don't get me wrong i love love love them pre-made embellies as much as the next craft addict lol but i also don't want to loose the ability to make my own hummmmmm i feel like im thinking to much have a beautiful TGIF!!!
Hugs Kimmie

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  1. Great idea and I so feel you on the getting lost in the shopping and not being creative. That's where Im at and this post reminded me to stay creative and playing with my yummies! Thanks for the honesty and help I'm really impacted by this post. God Bless You!!!