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Monday, April 16, 2012

MDC April Challenge

The requirements:

MDC April Challenge
Theme: Recycled Wreath
Requirement: 50% Recycled Materials
Deadline: April 15th
The challenge for April is to create a wreath using recycled materials.  Be creative!  The only requirements are that it resembles a wreath and 50% of the materials used are recycled.
This challenge begins on March 21, 2012 and ends on April 15, 2012.  Voting will take place April 16th through the 19th.
Submit a photo of your completed project below.
The result :
The wreath i made is 98% made of recycled material
material's i used are 
  • 1 ACU top 
  • 1 ACU pant
  • 2 wire hangers 
  • 1 old red t shirt 
  • 1 old blue t shirt 
  • 1 old white t shirt 
  • a americana heart and star i found at goodwill 
  • 3 new buttons 
  • 6 feet of 20 gauge wire 
  • lipstick red folk art paint 
  • vintage white folk art paint 

to start making my wreath i bent the two hangers in a circle 
i had hubby cut the top of the hangers off for me 
then use 20 gauge wire an wired them together 
making a hook at the top of the smaller one 
so i have something to attach the heart to 
then i made a huge pile of shredded ACU material 
then i just tied them on the wire hanger circles 
then i made flowers out of the old t shirts 

 then i pulled apart the heart and sanded it and re painted it 
then sanded it to age it a little again 
then hot glued some buttons onto the blue star 

this is the result 

then i twisted together 4 pieces  of 20 gauge wire 
and made the hanger for the heart 
then i attached the flowers to the wreath by hand sewing them on!
then i attached the heart to the loop of wire hanger with a heavy duty stapler
TFL... hugs Kimmie 

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